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As design and planning consultants, our work is constantly evolving. Advances in the science and technology of architecture and engineering provide us with cutting-edge tools, methodologies, and best practices. We are also constantly exploring trends and breakthroughs in how facilities can best support our clients' programs and activities.

The Fanning Howey team is diligent in studying research and emerging information on building design, and contributes to this national dialogue with our own advances and findings. This section is a clearinghouse of articles and other architectural and engineering resources published and sponsored by Fanning Howey professionals.  

Designing for Imagination
By Carla Remenschneider, Community Playthings August 8, 2017
How can we, as educators and designers, create spaces that are all about the process of learning? How do we design for imagination?

5 Building Blocks of Early Childhood Design
By Chuck Tyler and Carla Remenschneider, School Planning & Management, April 2017
For human beings, learning is as fundamental as life itself. From the moment we are born up through age three, our brains create 700 new neural connections each second. A quality education during early childhood is proven to have life-long benefits, academic achievement being chief among these.

Sustainable Schools: Think Differently
By Brandon Biniker and Dillon Mitchell, School Planning & Management, February 2017 
With public schools facing an $8-billion funding shortfall for annual operations and maintenance, stretching resources is a must. Thinking differently about your approach to capital improvement projects can lead to smart decisions that position your buildings for long-term success.

Building Blueprints: Food For Thought
By Chuck Tyler and John Gladden, School Planning & Management, February 2017 
In a time when academic expectations are growing and budgets are shrinking, we preach turning every environment into a learning environment. We've flipped classrooms and reimagined media centers, but shouldn't this mantra also extend to cafeterias? Refocusing your cafeteria from dining to learning can lead to greater efficiency, collaboration and achievement.

Fanning Howey Selected for New Tri Star Career Compact 
The Daily Standard, Celina, Ohio – January 10, 2017 
Fanning Howey is proud to be the architect and engineer for the new $25 million Tri Star 2.0 building, a STEM-focused career center serving nine communities in northwestern Ohio.

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